Leaders’ Keys to Success

Leadership Development Speeches

White House Invitation – University Presidents and Chancellors – Roles in Tech Transfer of Research for five years, Harvard Seminar for New Presidents and Chancellors – Balancing Life and Work Demands While Living in the Public Eye.

Shirley Raines’ presentation “From Pink Purse to Briefcase” is a chronology of advancement and success for all aspiring female leaders.  Her presentation is motivational, informative, inspirational and relatable. She takes speaking to another level, while appealing to women who have reached the height of their professional careers as well as those who are newly-minted in their professions. 

– Karen Weddle-West, Provost, University of Memphis

Longer Keynotes, Speeches and Presentations

“Leadership Lessons from Some Unlikely Sources” From Aesop’s fables to the latest leadership guru’s advice, Raines ask some potent questions, tells some humorous stories, and analyzes some leadership lessons while inviting the audience to help solve the leadership dilemmas. Click here to view speech.

“Inspired Leadership NOW and Leaving a Leadership Legacy” How to create more vibrate state affiliates for a professional association and to identify, shepherd, and engage emerging leaders. Delivered as preconference for the Southern Early Childhood Association and Board of Directors.

“Beyond Ideas to Action”

From a perpetual list of good ideas to selecting what we will do and committing to action plan for the organization.

Delivered to community college foundation and a
non-profit ogranization.


Recruiting, Selecting and Mentoring a Dynamic Leadership Team

When they said, ‘It can’t be done, our team did it!’

Accept the Difficult Challenge, Manage and Project and Get Results.

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