EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION – Books with African-American Images

After a webinar about using children’s literature in the curriculum, I received a request from the participants to recommend some books with images of African-American children and their families. Below is a short list I compiled based on recommendations from the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, the American Library Association website, Best Children’s Books: Diverse Books for Children, and from my collection.

Some of the books have African-American children as the main characters. Others are excellent stories with Black children and families. Some books focus on the issue of bullying as a part of addressing racism. I recommend you also include books about African-American heroes and heroines, although they are not on this list. Please ask African-American teachers for other books they recommend. All of the books on this list are ones I hope you will include in your early education classroom and share with other teachers and families.

  1. Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
  2. Big Mama’s by Donald Crews
  3. Happy in Our Skin by Fran Manushkin
  4. I Am Enough by Grace Byers
  5. Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena
  6. Love Your Hair by Phoenyx Austin
  7. Night on Neighborhood Street by Eloise Greenfield
  8. One Love (Bob Marley Song) by Cardella Marley
  9. Pretty Brown Face by Andrea and Brian Pinkney
  10. Skin Like Mine by LaTashia M. Perry
  11. Sulve by Lapita Nuong’o
  12. The Colors of Us by Karen Katz
  13. We’re Different, We’re the Same by Bobbi Kate
  14. Who Ever You Are by Mem Fox
  15. Wild Wild Sunflower Child Anna by Nancy Carlstrom

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